Read the Success Story

The National Civil War Life Foundation grew out of the The National Civil War Life Museum’s vision to build a new museum and research facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2005. Although they operated a successful museum for several years, CWLM wanted to create a new facility that would expand on telling their unique story about life during the Civil War for not only the soldier, but also African-Americans and civilians alike.

After meeting with the museum’s director and learning about their plan of working with local groups with fund raising, The ID Entity designed a new brand identity that would accommodate both the museum and foundation, along with a “rack card” brochure for placement in various travel welcome centers within the state. The next step in the brand building process was to design a fund raising campaign in the form of a brochure, outlining and detailing the organization’s position, mission, and its goals and objectives for building the new musuem.

We designed the brochure and created a visual language that succeeded in reaching its audience with a clear set of questions and answers as to why they donors should be involved with helping create this new, educational opportunity from which local communities could benefit.

The efforts paid off with the foundation obtaining an IMLS grant from the U. S. government, helping it successfully kick off its fund raising efforts. And although we don’t work to win awards, the brochure won an award in the 2009 American Association of Museums annual design contest.