It’s About People

Jackson Foster, Principal

Jackson Foster founded The ID Entity after working within the design profession for over twenty-five years. His background with hand-lettering and designing logos gave birth to an even greater passion to help organizations succeed in creating and building their own branding and identity solutions. Upon relocating from his home-town of Chicago in October 2005, to Fredericksburg, Virginia he has, in addition, combined his passion for design excellence with his interest in Civil War history.

A graduate of Northern Illinois University with a BFA degree in Visual Communications, Jackson has his own history of working on a variety of projects from book and magazine design to membership campaigns, branding and identity systems, annual reports, trade advertising, packaging, posters, direct-mail, signage, and email campaigns.

When he’s not researching logo trends or working on a new design project, you may catch him laughing at old Far Side cartoons, listening to his favorite Pat Metheny “album”, spending time with his wife and daughter, or heading out to visit a battlefield.